If you are looking for a white PC case to complement your gaming setup, then the white PC cases reviewed below are what you should be considering. These are the best white PC cases currently on the market. They have all the essential features one could need in a pc case. Each of these white PC cases also so has unique design features such as provisions for a liquid cooling system, RGB lighting, and tons of storage options.  They also feature tempered glass panels, multiple USB 3.0 ports, good air flow, and tool-less design for easy access to the internal computer components.

10 Best White PC Cases

  1. NZXT H500i PC Case

NZXT H500i - Compact ATX Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case - RGB Lighting and Fan Control - CAM Smart Device - Tempered Glass Panel - Enhanced Cable Management System – Wling Ready - White/Blacater-Coo

The NZXT H500i is a smart case, combining the features of the manufacturer’s HUE+ and GRID+ digital controllers. Its RGB lighting and fans can be controlled through software.  This case is designed to reduce up to 40% of noise level with its two integrated Aer F fans. It can accommodate two 140mm or three 120mm radiators in the front and a couple of 140mm or three 120mm cooling systems at the back.  It also features a tempered glass panel that shows off the build.

This white pc case also has good cable management system with pre-installed channels and straps located at the rear of the motherboard tray. The manufacturer’s signature cable bar has been upgraded to make the building process a lot simpler. There is also enough storage for two 3.5-inch and four 2.5-inch storage devices.

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  1. InWin 303 White Computer Case

InWin 303 White ATX Mid Tower Computer Case with Tempered Glass, White

The InWin 303 is a mid-tower case made from steel with a tempered glass side panel. The latter can be easily removed with a press of a button. It also has a dual chambered design for more cooling options.

Speaking of cooling, the InWin 303 can accommodate several sizes of liquid cooling systems. There is space for a 360mm radiator on top and a 120mm liquid cooling system at the rear.  The top and rear parts also have provisions for 120mm fans. The bottom, meanwhile, is spacious enough to take in three 120mm cooling fans.

The 303 White has room for lots of hardware.  The internal drive bays have room for two 3.5-inch and two 2.5-inch SSD or HDD. There is also space for seven PCI-E expansion slots.  This case features metallic supports designed for long and heavy graphics cards. And its front panel comes with flushed ports with backlighting for an easier way of connecting even when it is dark.

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  1. CORSAIR Crystal 460X RGB PC Case

CORSAIR Crystal 460X RGB Compact Mid-Tower Case, 3 RGB Fans, Tempered Glass - White
This is a compact, mid-tower case with an excellent build quality. It also has a beautiful tempered glass that shows off the internal components of the PC. It has enough room for customized builds and future upgrades.

This case is easy to set up with tool-free drive installation. It is also easy to maintain cleanliness with the dust filter included inside.

It comes with three RGB fans at the front with attractive LED effects. These fans draw enough cool air to create good air flow. Which helps to prevent components from overheating. It is also liquid cooling capable with room for top, rear, and the front radiators.

The case has a compact design with dimensions of 17.3 inches by 8.6 inches x 18.27 inches. But it does have enough space to accommodate a full ATX motherboard on top of multiple graphics cards.

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  1. Thermaltake Versa N21 Snow Edition PC Case

Thermaltake Versa N21 Snow Edition Translucent Window Panel SPCC ATX Mid Tower Computer Chassis CA-1D9-00M6WN-00
The Thermaltake Versa N21 is a mid-tower case with a translucent front panel. Its side window has a unique triangular shape, but the inner components of the PC are still clearly visible. This combined with the glossy top and front panels give this white PC case a stylish and futuristic look.

This case also supports liquid cooling. The top can accommodate one 120 or 240mm radiator while the rear has room for a 120mm radiator. There is also a 120mm exhaust fan pre-installed at the rear for optimized ventilation.

The case has a tool-free design. The external drive bay can accommodate one 5.25-inch hard disc drive while the internal bay has room for up to three 3.5 or 2.5 hard disc drives. There are seven expansion slots in this case while the front panel has ports for USB 3.0 and 2.0.

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  1. CORSAIR Carbide SPEC-Omega RGB PC Case

CORSAIR Carbide SPEC-Omega RGB Mid-Tower Gaming Case, 2 RGB Fans, Lighting Node PRO Included, Tempered Glass- White
This is a beautiful white mid-tower PC case offers plenty of cooling options. It can accommodate up to six 120mm fans. It also offers support for liquid cooling. The front has room for a radiator with a maximum size of 360mm while the top has provision for a 240mm liquid cooling system. The back, meanwhile, has space for a 120mm radiator. The case has a direct airflow layout for good airflow to keep components cool.

If you’re the type of person looking for visual customization, you will love that this case offers 30x RGB LEDs front fascia lighting-zones. Two 120mm RGB fans are also included to provide further RGB customization. The tempered glass side and the front panels showcase the entire system. There is also a PSU shroud that can cover the cables and drives to keep the inside of this case looking as clean and beautiful as it does on the outside.

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  1. Phanteks PH-EC300PTG_WT Eclipse P300 PC Case

Phanteks PH-EC300PTG_WT Eclipse P300 Tempered Glass Steel ATX Mid Tower Case White
This white, mid-tower pc case has a sturdy construction, programmable lighting, and support for liquid cooling. It features a full metal exterior design and is one of the best white PC cases in terms of its price to value ratio. This budget-friendly case also measures 15.7 x 7.8 x 17.7 inches.

Up front, there is space for radiators with sizes of 240mm or 280mm while the rear has enough room for a 120mm radiator. It is fully equipped with a magnetic dust filter to prevent dust build-up and easy cleaning. The front part of the case also has room for two 3.5-inch hard disc drives and a mounting location for two SSDs.

Additional, there are ample ports in this case including a couple of USB 3.0 ports up front. It also features an RGB power light, ambient down light, and integrated RGB illumination modes.

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  1. CORSAIR GRAPHITE 780T Full-Tower Case

CORSAIR GRAPHITE 780T Full-Tower Case- White

This full tower case features a sleek cohesive design. It has rounded corners and with dimensions of 25.1 x 11.3 x 23.7 inches. The front panel offers four USB ports for easy and convenient device management.

Also located up front is the three-mode fan controller that guides users in noise and cooling management. The side panels are latched for easy access, meaning users need no tools or twisting to get their components. The hard drive cages and SSD bays are also designed to save space and make the most out of the room inside the case.

This case also offers liquid cooling support as it can accommodate 360mm radiators. There are also dual 140mm cooling fans and a 140mm fan that serve as an alternative to the liquid cooling system. The case supports large diameter intake fans up front for plenty of cool air circulating inside.

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  1. Thermaltake View 27 Snow Edition Gull Wing PC Case

Thermaltake View 27 Snow Edition Gull Wing Window SPCC ATX Mid Tower Tt LCS Certified Computer Chassis with 4 White LED Riing Fan Pre-installed CA-1G7-00M6WN-WT

This mid-tower computer case has a transparent window panel designed to showcase the internal components of the build. It also offers options for air and liquid cooling and tinted front panel for a clean and sophisticated look. The LED fan lighting gives it a unique look while the built-in cover for the power supply streamlines the components inside.
This case offers liquid cooling support. On the front of the case is room for a radiator with a maximum size of 360mm. The same area can also hold a 360mm AIO liquid cooler. Air cooling is pre-installed with four 120mm white ring fans.

Meanwhile, the drive bay design is tool-less and thus reducing installation and removal issues. It can take in both 3.5 and 2.5-inch hard disc drives. There is room for six hard disc drives inside this case.

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CORSAIR Carbide 275R Mid-Tower Gaming Case, Window Side Panel- White

The CORSAIR Carbide 275R has a minimalist design but is packed in features. The case has a clean styling and soft accent lighting. The layout is intuitive and simple, making it easier for users to remove and install devices.

It offers seven expansion bay slots and two slots for 3.5-inch hard disc drives and four 2.5-inch hard disc drives.

This case offers flexibility in cooling. It has room for up to six 120mm cooling fans. You can also put a radiator sized 360mm in the front. Or you may add a 240mm radiator on top of the case. There is also a provision for a 120mm radiator at the rear of this case. Pre-installed are two 120 fans.

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  1. FSP ATX Mid Tower PC case

Azza Full Tower Case with 4xHURRICANE RGB Fan Cases CSAZ-6000RGB Storm, White

Rounding out the list of the 10 best white PC cases is this full tower case from Azza. Aside from having 10 expansion slots, it comes with four 120mm RGB fans that not only promote superior airflow but also improve the look of the case. Its tempered glass side panel, meanwhile, shows off the inner components of the PC.

The case can also support liquid cooling. It can accommodate up to a 360mm radiator. It can also take in the longest video cards. Outside, device management is easier with a couple of USB ports.

Meanwhile, this case has an isolated power supply chamber that prevents residual heat from the power supply to affect the other components of the PC.

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