So, you have decided that a 27-inch gaming monitor is a perfect size for your gaming setup. Given the options, a 27-inch screen with a 1440p resolution or better would be the perfect sweet spot for most gamers. However, when it comes to choosing the right 27-inch gaming monitor, one can get quite perplexed by the large variety available on the market. We have also noticed a lot of gamers on Reddit and Google searching for the best 1440p and 4k  HDR 27-inch gaming monitors. Therefore, we have decided to compile a review of the best 27-inch gaming monitors currently available to help you decided which one is right for you.

Best 27-inch Gaming Monitors:

  1. Acer Predator X27 bmiphzx Gaming Monitor

Acer Predator X27 bmiphzx 27' 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) IPS Monitor with NVIDIA G-SYNC Ultimate | Quantum Dot | Up to 144Hz Refresh | Adobe RGB | (Display Port & HDMI Port)
The Acer Predator X27 gaming monitor exceeds our expectations by providing extraordinary image quality on a 4K display. Its refresh rate can rev up to 144Hz which eliminates any kinds of motion blurs and provides you exceptional graphical quality.

Additionally, this monitor comes with Nvidia G-SYNC HDR technology which makes your gaming experience more immersive and vivid. This technology gives you a refined visual display and removes the possibility of screen tear. You can also adjust the Predator X 27 visuals with its Dark Boost feature to experience greater details in a dim environment.

When it comes to design this monitor does not disappoint at all. Its stand has a diamond-cut texture which gives a 3-D display to its all-metal stand. Also, this gaming monitor’s ergonomic design allows you to adjust the monitor as per your comfort.

Lastly, you can further improve the visuals of your gameplay by selecting one of the three main modes the Acer Predator X27 provides.  The three modes to choose from are action, racing, and sports. However, if you want you can customize your own mode that best fits your preference.

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  1. Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ Gaming Monitor

Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ 27' Gaming Monitor 4K UHD 144Hz DP HDMI G-SYNC HDR Aura Sync with Eye Care

For most, a gaming session is not satisfying if it does not have lifelike visuals. For that, you will need a monitor which gives you absolute realistic visuals and aligns well with your preferred gaming environment. The Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ is a 4k gaming monitor designed to provide performance which produces that amazing lifelike image quality.

Boasting a refresh rate of 144Hz and G-SYNC HDR technology, this gaming monitor can display lifelike colors and makes your gaming sessions more enthralling. It provides the widest color range and has the brightest white and darkest black. This brings out all the minor details and renders a visual experience closer to what a human eye experiences.

Its Aura Sync technology allows for immersive ambient lighting and synchronizes with all Aura-enabled peripherals. Additionally, the IPS panel of this monitor has quantum dot technology that gives you an accurate color image which provides a cinematic experience.

Its ambient light sensor adjusts according to your surroundings; in other words, its brightness reduces in dark surrounding and rises in the light surrounding. This feature is extremely fascinating and is extremely pleasing to the eye. The Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ has an amazing variety of features and exceeds our expectations in terms of performance. This is one of the best (if not the best) 27-inch gaming monitor you can buy, but it does not come cheap.

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  1. ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR Gaming Monitor

ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR 27” Gaming Monitor 1440p 1ms 165Hz DP HDMI G-SYNC Eye Care
The ROG Swift PG278QR is a 1440p (there is also a 4k version) gaming monitor which comes with Nvidia G-sync technology. This eliminates screen tearing, assuring you a buttery smooth gaming experience.

Apart from gaming, it also has scenery, cinema, and SRGB modes which gives you an experience of watching movies in a bright pictorial quality.

In addition to that, you also have an option to manually adjust the level of blue-light which will help you to remove strain on the eyes. You can overclock its refresh rates to 165Hz which will give you blur-free visual experience.

The ASUS PG278QR monitor provides you with an HDMI 1.4 port and two USB 3.0 ports so that you can easily connect your input devices. Overall the design of this monitor is mind blowing and so is its 1ms response time performance.

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  1. Acer Predator XB271HU Gaming Monitor

Acer Predator XB271HU bmiprz 27' WQHD (2560x1440) NVIDIA G-SYNC IPS Display, (Display Port & HDMI Port, 144Hz)
The Predator XB271HU from Acer is a spectacular product, though it is a bit pricey. This monitor is well built and is unique in its design. Its stand is angular and has red accents on its feet. A rotating joint is placed between the stand and the base so that you can adjust the stand as per your comfort.

Its slim bezel gives this monitor a sleek look and makes it get for a dual monitor set up. The 27 Inch IPS display sports a native 2560×1440 resolution, which lets you see all the minor details and gives you an immersive gaming experience. The monitor’s display gives you a uniform viewing experience which means, your display will be the same from every corner of the screen.

Because of its Ultra Low Motion Blur (ULMB) technology, fast moving objects during the gaming session would appear in sharp hues. So, now you can say bye- bye to those irritating smearing and ghosting. Lastly, it also has two built-in 2w speakers which score high on acoustics side of things.

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  1. Pixio PX276h Gaming Monitor

Pixio PX276h 27 inch 144Hz 1ms HDR WQHD 2560 x 1440 Wide Screen Display Professional 1440p Flat 27-inch AMD Radeon FreeSync Certified Gaming Monitor, 2 Years Warranty
The Pixio PX276h is essentially the best budget 1440p 27-inch HDR gaming monitor on the market. The product sports 144Hz refresh rate and showcases stunning picture quality on a HDR WQHD wide screen display.

It comes equipped with a 1ms response time which allows it to drastically reduce input lag and facilitates fast reactions times. This flicker-free monitor also reduces eyes strain thanks to its low blue light technology.

Additionally, the Pixio PX276h sports increased dynamic range for clearer gameplay and increased visibility. That along with its Free-Sync implementation eliminates screen tearing further providing you with a rich and immersive gaming experience. Lastly, there are also several pre-set display modes which you can choose from, depending on the kind of content you wish to visualize.

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  1. AOC Agon AG271QX Gaming Monitor

AOC Agon AG271QX 27' Gaming Monitor, QHD 2560x1440, Freesync, 144Hz, 1ms, DisplayPort/HDMI/DVI-D/VGA, Quickswitch Keypad, VESA
The AOC Agon AG271QX is a fast 1ms response time 1440p 27-inch gaming monitor. There is a FreeSync and G-Sync adaptive sync options available. It also has a 144Hz refresh rate for smooth immersive gameplay.

Additionally, this gaming monitor is beautifully designed with a stunning futuristic look. It is ergonomic as it features height, swivel, and tilt adjustability so that you may find the best viewing angle as to your needs. This monitor is also wall mountable if you so, please.

The AOC Agon AG271QX has a brightness of 350 cd/m2, 16:9 aspect ratio, and a 50,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio that allows it to produce fantastic visuals. It also has all the necessary ports including display and HDMI-MHL ports. Another great feature of this monitor is that it comes with a QickSwitch controller for on the fly adjustment for up to three customized game modes. Lastly, it features two built-in 3-watt speakers.

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  1. ViewSonic XG2700 Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic XG2700-4K 27 Inch 60Hz 4K Gaming Monitor with FreeSync Eye Care Advanced Ergonomics HDMI and DP
The ViewSonic XG2700 is a 4k gaming monitor that boasts a 3840 x 2160p resolution LED screen which delivers mind-blowing color quality. Its IPS panel technology also gives you sharp and detailed visuals for an impressive gaming experience.

This monitor while elegant has its own inherent design charms like the red lining on the stand and base that gives it that gaming look, but is not overpowering. It has a flexible stand which lets you adjust the monitor to your preference. So, you can pivot, swivel and tilt the screen as per your needs.

Its AMD Free-Sync technology eliminates screen tearing and provides you with smooth screen performance free of motion blurs and ghosting. Its 1ms response time takes every command from your keyboard, mouse, and other controllers instantaneously and lets you react to your competitors swiftly. Lastly, this monitor specializes in black stabilization which lets you have detailed visibility even in the dark scenes.

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  1. ViewSonic VX2778-SMHD Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic VX2778-SMHD 27 Inch 1440p Frameless IPS Widescreen LED Monitor with HDMI and DisplayPort
The ViewSonic VX2778 is a 1440p resolution monitor that has an IPS panel display which provides amazing viewing angles. Its WQHD resolution also provides up to 77% more screen space for a more immersive gameplay.

Additionally, you get the option to choose from screen modes such as gaming, movie, web, and mono. These mode options give you the choice to enhance your gamma curve, color temperature, brightness and contrast which in turn, delivers you an extraordinary display experience.

Moreover, The ViewSonic VX2778 has various connectivity option like HDMI, DisplayPort, and Mini DisplayPort, which make your connection flexible with multiple devices from your monitor.

Its frameless design, its super clear IPS panel, and wide quad HD resolution is a perfect combo for gamers who want a smooth refresh rate with realistic picture quality. Lastly, the ViewSonic VX2778 is easy on the pocket and can be utilized as a regular work monitor.

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