Sunday, April 18, 2021

Theophilus Thomas

Theo is a web developer, designer, and technologist. He has earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems. He is passionate and knowledgeable about PCs and laptops, including the software and games that run on them. He has also built many gaming PCs in addition to being an avid Apex Legends, PUBG, and Rainbow Six Siege player.
How to Tell if Your CPU Is Dead

How to Tell if Your CPU Is Dead?

You woke up, grabbed a hot cup of coffee, and pressed the power on button to start working today. Your computer starts to boot...
Where Does the CPU Store Its Computations

Where Does the CPU Store Its Computations?

CPUs are very complex pieces of tech that are made of many different parts. It is responsible for processing all the data inside your...
How to Enable Motherboard HDMI

How to Enable Motherboard HDMI?

Almost all motherboards have an HDMI output port on the back, so you probably will not have an issue with that. However, not all...
How to Clean a Motherboard

How to Clean a Motherboard?

Your motherboard, just like any other computer part, can get covered by a thin layer of dust. Since some parts of the motherboard generate...
How Long Does a Motherboard Last

How Long Does a Motherboard Last?

Motherboards, together with the CPU, PSU, and RAM, are essential components of a computer. Without a motherboard, you would have no way to unify...
how to build a pc case

How To Build a PC Case?

Building your own custom PC case can be a daunting task, especially if you are not experienced with DIY stuff. There are many things...
how to install a cpu cooler

How to Install a CPU Cooler?

Assuming that you have installed your CPU into the motherboard socket, the next logical step is installing the CPU cooler. Whether you are replacing...
How to Reduce CPU Temperature

How to Reduce CPU Temperature?

Your central processing unit, often shortened to CPU, is the central piece of your computer. It has to do millions of calculations every second...
How to Remove a Motherboard

How to Remove a Motherboard?

Removing your motherboard is one of the most cumbersome tasks when it comes to computers. At least it is not very difficult. You will,...
Why Is Avast Using So Much CPU

Why Is Avast Using So Much CPU?

Avast is a popular antivirus app that protects your computer and other devices from malicious software. If you have a Mac or smartphone, you...